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Role: Editor

A Web-based curriculum designed to spark an interest in engineering and technology among middle-school students. It is an engaging, versatile curriculum, used both in the classroom and in after-school programs such as 4-H Youth, YMCA and Boys and Girls Clubs.

Client: Duke University

Students Discover, Kenan Fellows Lessons

Role: Editor/Reviewer

NSF-funded, scalable middle-school curriculum to support student participation in a broad range of citizen science projects, from measuring fossilized shark teeth to observing mammals with camera traps. The project provides a framework for students to participate in scientific discoveries. 

Exploring North Carolina in the Schools

Role: Editor

A series of free lesson plans for classroom and home study that are companion resources to the Emmy-nominated UNC-TV nature series Exploring North Carolina.

Client: N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences

Bicycle Adventures

Role: Writer/Editor

A four-part cycling curriculum for ages K-12. It remained the best-selling non-agriculture themed, nationally distributed 4-H learning project for four consecutive years.

Client: National 4-H

Discover North Carolina River Basins

Role: Writer

A series of printed and online promotional materials designed to foster appreciation of the outdoors in North Carolina. Each of 17 regional brochures contains a field guide to hiking, biking and paddling. Nearly a million posters, booklets and brochures have been distributed to the public via classrooms, outdoor retailers, state and national parks and N.C. Welcome Centers.

Client: N.C. Office of Environmental Education and Public Affairs

The Water Connection: Water Resources, Drought, and the Hydrologic Cycle in North Carolina 

Role: Writer

A primer for the general public on groundwater and surface-water resources and how they are interconnected. It also describes North Carolina's climate, drought, and water-supply planning for the future.

Client: N.C. Division of Water Resources

The North Carolina Environmental Education Plan (PDF)

Role: Editor

A blueprint for environmental education in North Carolina, including recommended strategies to improve environmental literacy.

Client: North Carolina Office of Environmental Education

Pushy Plants and Alien Animals

Role: Editor

An interactive online notebook for teachers and students about invasive species of plants and animals.

Client: N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences (in conjunction with the Marian Koshland Science Museum and the National Academy of Sciences)